Specialised in logistics, also called fulfilment, for e-commerce businesses, retailers and web shop owners. We take care of the complete handling of your logistics activities — for B2C and B2B.

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What is fulfilment, actually?

Is it the same as e-fulfilment? Both terms essentially mean the same thing. Fulfilment or e-fulfilment is the complete logistics handling process which occurs after you have received an order from your customers in your web shop. From customer order to satisfied customer and all the steps in between, such as stock management, order processing, distribution and returns. But a key part of fulfilment is also the associated (IT) information and automation. When outsourcing your web shop fulfilment, you are actually entrusting the ‘back end’ of your shop to a specialist who does nothing but that, with all the benefits that offers. You are then free to focus on what you’re good at and want to do, so your business is free to grow.

About us

Make or Buy has been supporting retailers, web shops and wholesalers with warehousing, order management, distribution and returns since 2004. With a sensible, practical approach and always with passion and dedication.

We take your logistics activities completely off your hands for you. Key concepts here are flexibility, efficiency, reliability, knowledge and the right contacts.

Make or Buy helps you grow

Making concessions in service and quality? That’s not how we operate. All our energy goes towards your objective. We provide you optimal facility services, so that you can put all your focus on issues other than fulfilment and logistics. You get the time and space to work on growth. And, naturally, we grow along with you.

Success is achieved together

Growth is only possible with the right people. Our team works hard each day to prove our added value. We would like to work on a long-term partnership with our clients — with you. Through our efficient and effective manner of working, you will experience the benefits of a successful partnership — every day, again and again.

Our clients

We have the right mentality — a deal is a deal — and an entrepreneurial drive. We have an endless ambition to enable your growth. This has ensured that our first clients are still our clients. With a global market and a mix of B2C and B2B, our client base is diverse.

Using the links we offer, our clients also sell their products via such platforms as Amazon and bol.com.

We are a growth accelerator for our clients. Our expertise helps you move forward!

Make or Buy — helps you grow

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A dedicated team

With more than 20 employees, we are ready each day to make all the arrangements needed for our clients’ orders. Our employees are dedicated and flexible — you can count on that. Our collective goal is to enable your growth.

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