Warehousing is an umbrella term for the receipt, storage and distribution of goods. When done for webshops, it’s often called e-warehousing. E-warehousing is also used as another name for e-fulfilment. All services and processes needed to successfully store products and deliver them to the customer. But it’s about more than just storage, processing and distribution. What is also important are multi-channel deliveries, the possibility of return shipments, integrated management reports, and overall chain management. Make or Buy is a specialist in e-warehousing. We store your inventory for you and take care of the entire processing of all your logistics activities. One address, one solution.


We regard your inventory upon receipt immediately as our own. All your products are stored safely and securely in our warehouse in Den Bosch and immediately entered into our advanced warehouse management system: Ceyenne. You receive access to this inventory management system and thus always have real-time insight into your own inventory situation. Do you have particular wishes when it comes to assembly, (re)packaging or labelling of products? That is also possible, of course. E-warehousing is customisation. And we are always ready to discuss any possibilities with you.

Distribution and delivery

With our years of experience in e-warehousing for shops and webshops, we are always able to serve you in the best possible manner. Your order processing goes off effectively and efficiently. With unique order picking locations and real-time order information. In addition, we arrange the distribution method that best fits with your product and type of order. Always professional, solution-oriented and flexible.