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Webshop order software - Fulfilment - Make or Buy
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webshop ordersoftware – WMS

A good and smart fulfilment system. That is the key to a smooth and streamlined process between your business and our qualities. Effectiveness, real-time insight, a link with all possible webshop platforms and practically unlimited reporting possibilities for all your order information. Make or Buy offers you all of this.


We use our own efficiently designed warehouse management system, both for our order picking with the latest scanning equipment and also for all your management information and inventory administration. You manage your order stream from your own webshop, with your own ERP. Or you use our specially designed online portal where you – and/or your customer service – can find and manage all the information you need in real time. Information about the order status, order adjustments, manual input and history. But also an extensive module for your inventory management.

The fulfilment system has the following standard functions:

  • Real-time link with all possible webshop platforms such as the Magento standard API link. But standard links are also available with SEOshop and Woocommerce, for example.
  • Availability of API for developers and a link to ERP systems.
  • Real-time inspection of the order status.
  • Order processing and feedback of order status and details, including Track & Trace.
  • Registration and order management of lot/batch numbers, serial numbers and expiry date.
  • Designed for carrying out specific activities, such as assembly or gift boxing.
  • Packing lists in your own ‘look and feel’.
  • Sending status changes to your customers, and naturally a shipment confirmation with Track and Trace information. Adjustable per country and language.
  • Returns.
  • Drop shipping.
  • Cross docking.
  • Current status of inventory and real-time synchronisation.
  • Very extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Links with marketplaces such as Amazon and Bol.com.

All our processes for receiving, inventory management and order processing are based on scanning your products. If your products don’t have a barcode, that’s not a problem. We have developed methods that still allow the processes to run efficiently. And all that without sticking our own barcodes on your products. So there is no damage to the look of your sales packaging and no extra costs. Make or Buy can add extra functionalities as desired.

Importing & exporting

The WMS also has extensive import and export functions. Bulk promotions, temporary promotions or orders of unlinked shops can be quickly and easily processed because of the use of formats such as Excel, CSV, XML or e-mail.

The import and export functions:

  • Importing orders
  • Importing prior notices
  • Exporting orders
  • Exporting products
  • Exporting inventories


Based on the database of source data from orders, we can offer any report you desire.

Example reports:

  • Products sold per SKU, period, country, etc.
  • Fast sellers per period, country, etc.
  • Sales per order, country, shipping method, etc.
  • Shipping costs per order, country, etc.

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities?