Always the most economical solution

Our fulfilment rates are customised rates. After all, each shop or webshop is unique, with its own products and wishes. That’s why we can’t provide any standard fixed rates here. As a fulfilment specialist, Make or Buy would like to think along with you. We look for not only the best fulfilment solution but also what the most economical solution is for you. And we always succeed in finding it.

All rates are developed simply

Webshop orders for consumers

As much as possible, we try to reduce your fulfilment rates for B2C orders to an all-in-one price per order. No complicated rate structures or surcharges for weight, order lines and packaging materials used. You know exactly what you are getting. With no surprises!

The number of orders per month is naturally an important factor in determining your rate. But also the number of different products (SKUs) and whether there are parcels or mailbox post plays a role in the price determination.

For example, do you have many more monthly orders than the number of SKUs, and also few order lines? Then this means that the handling rates will turn out to be lower. But even with a lot of letter post, we can keep the rates for order processing low.

B2B orders

For B2B shipments, it is often not possible to calculate fixed all-in rates per order. For these shipments, we calculate a fixed price per order and a surcharge per item that we ship. Shipping boxes for B2B orders are charged separately. The shipping costs per parcel are not based on weight.

You will know in advance exactly what the costs per shipped product are for your B2B customer. In the negotiations with your customer, you can determine all your prices and thus your margins at the start.

General costs

The only variable costs you have are the costs for storage: receipt of goods, sorting, counting and storing. Because of the enormous variations in product type and the method of distribution, packaging and sorting, it is unreliable to estimate this beforehand.

We always try to keep the costs per order as low as possible. However, you will have a fixed amount per month.

Your fixed monthly costs consist of two components:

  • The costs for warehousing (based on the size of your products)
  • A monthly contribution for ICT: including access to our client portal, for data communication and maintenance of your link with our WMS.