Frequently asked questions about fulfilment:

What is fulfilment according to Make Or Buy?

Fulfilment is the totality of activities in the field of logistics and order processing: from the receipt and warehousing of your products to the assembly, repackaging and shipment of parcels to your buyers. Make Or Buy can be considered an extension of your organisation. We work for you and therefore for your customers. In this way, you can focus on your core business and we work on your growth.

Can Make Or Buy also (re)package and assemble my products?

Yes, whether it’s packaging, repackaging, labelling or assembly, we as a fulfilment specialist can carry out any operation for you. We have the logistics knowledge, technique and experience to process your products.

Can Make Or Buy link its automated order processing system to my webshop?

Yes, we can link any webshop with an API facility to our system. For the webshop software from Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce, SEOshop and PrestaShop, the link can be made immediately available. For customised webshops or other platforms, we can realise the link. This is customisation.

Can Make Or Buy build websites or arrange the customer service for my webshop?

Yes, but we don’t do that ourselves. We also do what we are good in. So for building websites or arranging customer service, we work with selected professional partners. Obviously, you as webshop owner can make your own choice. During the implementation process, Make Or Buy will naturally work closely with these partners to provide an efficient operational management.

For which type of webshops is Make Or Buy an interesting partner?

In general, for all webshops: large or small, with many or few items and of any type. As a webshop owner, you can always consult us. One important condition is that the number of orders per month must be at least as many as the number of unique products (SKU, stock keeping unit). We also offer our services to retailers or importers of goods who want to completely outsource the warehousing and order processing. And we also take care of Business-to-Business deliveries and the delivery of joint orders to shop owners worldwide.

How are the rates for fulfilment determined?

Make Or Buy discusses extensively your wishes and needs with you. Based on those, a customised quote is developed. Because each fulfilment process is unique, we don’t work with standard rates but always prices adapted to your situation. Naturally we have the necessary experience to be able to provide a indicative price beforehand based on a number of key elements, such as: type of product, number of SKUs, number of orders per month, product measurement, number of order lines and number of items per order. We assume a rate on piecemeal basis, wherever possible. We are completely transparent in our pricing. You know exactly what you are getting.

Can my products also be warehoused at Make Or Buy?

Definitely. Make Or Buy possesses storage capacity in Den Bosch and the ability to rent extra storage space. All your products can be insured for most common calamities, such as fire, water damage and theft.

Does Make Or Buy calculate start-up costs or fixed monthly costs?

We calculate a monthly amount for the pallet space, racks or pick locations only for the actual storage space used. For the use of our real-time system for order processing, we ask a monthly fee for maintenance and management. At the beginning of the outsourcing of your fulfilment, you should take into account the one-off costs for the transportation of your inventory to our location and the receipt of your initial inventory. These costs are dependent upon the size of your initial inventory.

Can Make Or Buy put together promotional or specific parcels?

Yes, Make Or Buy has quite a track record in the processing of a large number of seasonal parcels (Christmas boxes!) or marketing promotions. Such as the shipment of 60,000 gift boxes in four months. We see each parcel as a unique package. The recipient is receiving a gift, after all. And experiences the quality of the gift and contents as well as the presentation. And that experience must be excellent.

Does Make Or Buy also take care of the distribution?

Yes, Make Or Buy takes care of the complete logistics process and distributes your products via reputable carriers. They make sure that your products are delivered to the right address at the agreed upon time. Worldwide, for parcels and mailbox post.

How is Make Or Buy different?

We work with passion and dedication on a long term partnership with our clients. With you. Using the principle of continuity and an efficient, effective manner of working. In this way, you will experience anew each day the advantage of a successful partnership with a fulfilment specialist. We do that with the right mentality (agreement is agreement), entrepreneurial drive (consider it done), and ambition (we make it happen). The proof? Our first customers who are still our customers. Come give us a test. Mail us at: